Why you should celebrate black history month in your classroom and resources to help you!

Let me talk a little about black history month in the classroom. I attended a Christian, private school from K-12 in a little suburb on the outskirts of Houston. Throughout all those years I truly cannot remember a time where black history was taught or when black history was celebrated. Instead I spent every year learning about people who did not look like me. This serves as one driving factor as to why I take time to educate my students on the accomplishments of black people.

Classroom Management Instagram Challenge #ManageYourClass

Happy New Year! This month I am teaming up with Michele from Feed Their Needs for a classroom management instagram photo challenge. We want you to start your this new semester strong!  This Instagram challenge will be a great way for you to improve your classroom management by learning tips and strategies that work for other teachers. The challenge will start on January 4th 2017 and will end on January 12th 2017. We will conclude the challenge on January 12th with a #ManageYourClass Live Q&A session where we will answer all of your classroom management questions. Make sure to send us your questions for the Q&A! You can click here to email your questions to me.

How to track student behavior? Quick and Simple

Last month we talked about effective ways to deal with tough kids in your classroom. Keeping that in mind one thing that I always do in my classroom is keep parents informed of their students' behavior. Communicating with parents often will help you find solutions for dealing with tough kids in the classroom.
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